A collaboration of two Australian developers founded in 2014 to make games for the mobile device market. With millions of games available for mobile devices we should be spoilt for choice and yet its hard to find one thats actually enjoyable and not a clone of every other game on the market. We decided to make something that would suit our gaming tastes and we hope you enjoy the results.

Resistance is Fruitful
Simple Rules, Complex Strategy

Resistance is Fruitful is a retro turn based strategy game that mashes the puzzle from Minesweeper and combat from X-Com with vector wireframe graphics. Available for Android mobile and tablet devices.


  • Retro quirky old school vector graphics.
  • Simple rules, complex strategy for maximum replayablilty.
  • Single player campaign and multiplayer modes.
  • Google Play Games integration (Achievements, Leader Boards, Multiplayer and Cloud Saves).
  • OpenGL 2.0 graphics with texture support for high resolution devices (up to 2,560 x 1,600).
  • Combination of randomly generated and predefined maps.
  • Unique and Challenging gameplay.
  • Low battery usage and device requirements (Android 2.3 and OpenGL 2.0).

Caravan (Card Game)
Out now on Android

4.1 (based on 43 reviews)

A turn based strategy card game inspired by the mini-game Caravan in Bethesda's Fallout: New Vegas.

Gameplay image


  • Use the Deck Builder to pick a winning deck, this is the key to success
  • Single player campaign versus ten unique opponents
  • Later stage AI opponents are very challenging
  • Defeating each opponent awards new cards
  • Multiplayer mode, play friends or random opponents
  • Google Play Games integration with achievements and leaderboards
  • Ad supported (Advertisements can be removed via an in app purchase)

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