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Resistance is Fruitful
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Resistance is Fruitful is a retro turn based strategy game that mashes the puzzle from Minesweeper and combat from X-Com with vector wireframe graphics. A free game from indie developer Orculus for Android mobile and tablet devices.

Retro Vector Graphics

Quirky old school hand made abstract wireframe models and vector graphics.

Unique Game Play

There are plenty of turn based strategy games out there but none that play quiet like this one.

Simple Rules, Complex Strategy

The combination of weapons create different tactics to explore and engage with long after the initial download.


  • Single player campaign and multiplayer modes.
  • Google Play integration (Achievements, Leader Boards, Multiplayer and Cloud Saves).
  • OpenGL graphics with texture support for high resolution devices (up to 2,560 x 1,600).
  • Combination of randomly generated and predefined maps.
  • Challenging gameplay (the game probably isn't beatable on expert level).
  • Low battery usage and device requirements (Android 2.3 and OpenGL 2.0).

Game Details

Resistance is Fruitful is a retro turn based strategy game for Android mobile and tablet devices that will appeal to any fans of retro gaming and strategic combat gaming alike. The abstract wireframe vector style graphics and turn based squad combat hark back to the glory days of the eighties. We have attempted to distill the old turn based combat genre down to its essence with a set of simple rules that create complicated squad based strategy. The units start out with minimal skills and improve rapidly and simple weapons that are upgraded through promotions after each successful battle. Resistance is Fruitful is a great casual game for any Android device - the game has been optimized to produce a small footprint, minimal battery usage and doesn't require a super fast processor to run fluidly. This game brought to you by indie developer Orculus, an independent partnership between two Australian programmers.

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